Marie Stopes Vasectomy Sydney

As part of our commitment to increasing access to vasectomy services, we have expanded our offerings to allow you to choose the service that best suits your needs and circumstances. You may be looking for somewhere that’s the closest to you, maybe you know you would like to be ‘knocked out’ (IV sedation) or perhaps you want to use your private hospital insurance.
Whatever your wishes and circumstances are, we have an option for you. Both options allow you to have your vasectomy in a convenient location, in accredited clinics and receive high quality care. To learn more about the different models and their locations, take a look below.

Vasectomy options

  • Premium medical centre
  • $480 out of pocket – no private health insurance
  • ‘Gold standard’ no scalpel, open ended technique
  • Local anaesthetic only (using the painless anaesthetic delivery technique)
  • Procedure performed by Marie Stopes vasectomy specialist
  • Multiple convenient locations