Vasectomy cost

The cost of a vasectomy procedure will vary depending on which clinic you attend any concessions you hold, such as a Healthcare card.

Though there may be an out of pocket expense with vasectomy, over the long term it is a very cost-effective form of contraception with a much higher degree of efficacy than condoms or other contraceptive methods.

The following clinics are currently offering vasectomy under local anaesthetic.

New South Wales



Western Australia

Medicare rebated vasectomy

These prices are based on the minimum cost of the procedure for people who hold a valid Medicare card. Prices reflect the out of pocket cost after the Medicare rebate.

  • Local anaesthetic from $630

No Medicare coverage vasectomy cost

If you’re not covered by private hospital health insurance and you do not have a Medicare card (or concession card) you will be paying an uncovered price, meaning you will be self-funding the whole private cost of the vasectomy procedure. These prices are based on the minimum cost of the procedure and may vary depending on your location.

  • Local anaesthetic from $790

Get a vasectomy cost quote

If you’d like a personalised vasectomy cost quote based on your individual circumstances, please contact us directly and one of our specialists can talk to you about your options.

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