No Gap Vasectomies with Private Health Insurance available Cost, Eligibility, FAQs

Sydney Harbor

If you have private hospital insurance and are interested in getting a vasectomy, then we are a perfect option that allows you to use your insurance and pay minimal or no gap.

Our model of care allows you to have your vasectomy in a premium facility, with the option of intravenous (IV) sedation or local anaesthetic (LA). Our vasectomists are trained to deliver LA using our ‘painless delivery anaesthetic technique’.

Depending on your level of private hospital insurance and your excess, you will pay either no gap, or a maximum gap of $100.

This service operates across many of our locations, including in Sydney and Melbourne.  We are operating from several private day hospitals in prime locations across Australia to deliver the service in locations convenient for you. Your vasectomist will be one of our vasectomy experts, who are all trained in the ‘Gold Standard’ no scalpel, open ended vasectomy technique.

New Sydney Vasectomy Clinic Reception

Who should use this service?

This service works best for people who have private hospital insurance. Whether you’re covered by your insurer comes down to the details of your policy. For more information on using private health insurance, read our vasectomy and private health insurance article, call your health fund or give us a call on 1300 003 707.

Other options

If you don’t have private hospital insurance, or you live closer to another Marie Stopes vasectomy location that’s ok, there are still other options! You may still be able to use your private health insurance to help pay for your vasectomy at our main clinics. You can choose to have either IV sedation or local anaesthetic, and you will still have the same excellent vasectomists and receive high quality service at an accessible price

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