IV Sedation (IV) versus Local Anaesthetic (LA)

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There seems to be quite a lot of debate regarding what type of anaesthetic to have for vasectomy. Some doctors only provide IV sedation in a hospital and some only offer local anaesthetic in a GP Clinic and believe that IV Sedation is not necessary. At MSI Australia we provide a comprehensive service where both IV sedation and local anaesthetic …

No Gap Vasectomies with Private Health Insurance available

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If you have Private Health Insurance (PHI) and are interested in getting a vasectomy, then we have the perfect option that allows you to use your insurance and pay minimal or no gap. Our model of care allows you to have your vasectomy in a premium Day Hospital facility, with the option of intravenous (IV) sedation or local anaesthetic (LA) …

The 4 biggest myths about Vasectomies

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Alright boys, it’s time to talk about the big V! Maybe you’ve had all the kids you want to have, or maybe you’re crystal clear on never wanting any at all. Either way, you’ve been thinking about committing to firing blanks. So what’s holding you back? Well, if you’re anything like most men, it’s probably the fear of what’s going …

Vasectomy and Private Health Insurance

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You can chose to use Private Health Insurance (PHI) to contribute to the cost of your vasectomy or you can use Medicare only. However, for those looking to make the most of the PHI cover they have, it’s important to understand some basic information. Navigating the world of private health insurance can be difficult, particularly when you’re looking at how …

Vasectomy Pain

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Let’s face it lads, we’ve all copped a blow to the nads at least once in our life. In fact, just mentioning this is probably enough to make your eyes start watering right now. It’s one of those experiences that stays with a man for a long time afterwards. The knowledge of how much it can hurt is probably one of the things that puts many blokes off getting “the snip”…

Vasectomy reversal: can I get my vasectomy reversed?

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At Marie Stopes we like all of our patients to consider their vasectomy a permanent procedure. While there are reversal services available, it is important not to make the decision to get a vasectomy based on your ability to have it reversed at some point…

How old do I need to be to get a vasectomy?

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The age of men who have vasectomies can vary as much as their reasons for getting one. Legally anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to have one. However, there are other considerations to take into account around emotional maturity and preparedness. Legally speaking anyone over the age of 18 is eligible for the surgery, and there is no medical referral required in order to consult with a vasectomist…

Vasectomy and Your Sex Life

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There’s a lot of misinformation around vasectomies. In fact, most people don’t understand what’s involved in the procedure or the impact it can have on your body and sex life. So let’s look at what a vasectomy is NOT!