Marie Stopes Vasectomy Adelaide


Looking for a vasectomy in Adelaide? At Marie Stopes Australia, we offer an easy, fast procedure with fewer complications by using our 'gold standard' technique. As part of our commitment to increasing access to vasectomy services, we are very excited to partner with Norwood Day Surgery to provide quality vasectomy care.

Our new model of care allows you to have your vasectomy in a premium facility, with the option of intravenous (IV) sedation or local anaesthetic (LA).

Our vasectomists are trained to deliver LA using our ‘painless delivery anaesthetic technique’. Depending on your level of private hospital insurance and your excess, you could pay just a $50 booking fee.

To learn more about our model take a look below.

Vasectomy in a private day hospital

  • Premium day hospital
  • Pay just a $50 booking fee with eligible private hospital insurance
  • From $695 without insurance for local anaesthetic
  • ‘Gold standard’ no scalpel, open ended technique
  • Choice of local anaesthetic or IV sedation
  • Procedure performed by Marie Stopes vasectomy specialist


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