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Are you considering permanent contraception? MSI Vasectomy Liverpool offers a state-of-the-art solution. Our clinic specialises in the advanced ‘MSI No Scalpel Open Ended’ vasectomy technique, providing a secure and virtually painless* procedure under local anaesthetic.

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a straightforward surgical procedure chosen by men in Liverpool seeking a permanent method of contraception. It involves severing the vas deferens, the tubes that transport sperm from the testicles to the penis, ensuring that ejaculated semen does not contain sperm and thus preventing conception

vasectomy liverpool
vasectomy liverpool

Vasectomy Services at MSI Liverpool

Our clinic is dedicated to providing the very best vasectomy services using the ‘MSI No Scalpel Open Ended technique’. This approach not only reduces the risk of infection but also allows for a virtually painless procedure thanks to our state-of-the-art local anaesthetic delivery system, leading to minimal discomfort for many of our patients.

Benefits of Open Ended Vasectomy

The open-ended vasectomy procedure facilitates the natural reabsorption of sperm into the body, significantly diminishing post-procedure complications. This technique involves sealing only the upper part of the vas deferens while leaving the end nearest the testicle open, thereby still permitting the release of sperm into the scrotum where it is naturally absorbed by the body.

No Scalpel Vasectomy Technique

Our no scalpel vasectomy technique eliminates the need for traditional incisions and stitches, requiring only a tiny puncture made with a specialised set of forceps. This method is favoured for its minimally invasive nature and reduced risk of infection, setting the gold standard in vasectomy procedures.


At our Liverpool Medical Centre, patient comfort is paramount. We offer a local anaesthetic for a virtually painless* vasectomy experience, allowing patients to undergo the procedure with minimal anxiety and only mild discomfort. Our innovative delivery technique is so effective that many patients report little to no pain during administration.

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Having a vasectomy in Liverpool

If you choose to have your vasectomy in Liverpool with us, this is what you can expect:

*Our needle-free painless technique is so effective that numerous patients report little to no discomfort during administration.


The MSI No Scalpel Open Ended Technique uses an inert permanent suture rather than a metal clip (which can fall off) or a dissolving suture (which can cause inflammation). We also use Bupivacaine local anaesthetic which has a longer duration of action and may protect from chronic post operative pain.

10x less side effects than traditional methods
10x less chance of failure than traditional methods
Permanent nylon suture
Longer pain relief after surgery (4-5hrs)
No metal clips that can fall off

How much does a vasectomy cost in Liverpool?

Our vasectomy packages offer comprehensive services, including 24/7 aftercare support, ensuring you have constant access to our team of registered nurses post-procedure.

Starting at $480, our vasectomies are performed under local anaesthetic within our state-of-the-art medical centre.

Please be aware that vasectomy fees may vary based on individual circumstances. For a precise breakdown of costs tailored to your needs, we encourage you to get in touch with us for detailed information.

Why choose MSI as your vasectomy clinic
in Liverpool?

MSI Vasectomy Liverpool employs the latest, safest ‘MSI No Scalpel Open Ended’ technique, backed by TGA-approved technology. Our team of specialised vasectomy doctors and practitioners provide exceptional care before, during, and after your procedure, ensuring the highest standard of service.

With over 600,000 men trusting us for their reproductive health over the last 20 years, we are the leading provider of vasectomy services in Australia, renowned for our superior care and outcomes.

Meet Dr Justin Low

National Director of Vasectomy Services

Justin is the National Director of Vasectomy Services at MSI Vasectomy Australia. He received his medical degree and graduated from the University of Sydney in 1987, completed the RACGP Family Medicine Program (FMP) in 1991 and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 1993.

Learn more about all of our MSI Vasectomy doctors

Dr Justin Low
dr justin low

How to find our vasectomy clinic in
Liverpool, Melbourne, NSW 2022


How to book a vasectomy at our
Liverpool medical practice

If you’d like to contact us to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have, you can fill out our online contact form.

Or if you’re ready to book your vasectomy with us at MSI Australia you can fill out our online booking form.


If you have any more questions about our vasectomy clinic in Liverpool or any of our services please don’t hesitate to contact us today. In the meantime please find below our most frequently asked questions about vasectomies.

Vasectomy does not impact your sexual performance or ability to ejaculate. Post-procedure, you can typically resume sexual intercourse as advised by MSI Australia, usually after one week, maintaining the same sensation and function.

Vasectomy procedures do not influence testosterone levels. The testicles continue to produce testosterone normally, ensuring no change in hormonal balance or male characteristics post-surgery

Vasectomy is recognised as the only permanent method of contraception for men, boasting a success rate of approximately 99.9%. It’s highly effective, though it’s imperative to complete a semen analysis 3 months post-procedure to confirm the absence of sperm.

While both vasectomy and female tubal ligation aim for sterilisation, tubal ligation is a more complex procedure, typically requiring general anaesthetic and a longer recovery. Vasectomy is less invasive, with fewer risks and quicker recovery, making it a simpler surgical option for permanent contraception.

A vasectomy does not offer protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It is purely a surgical procedure for contraception, impacting only the transportation of sperm. To safeguard against STIs, additional protective measures, such as condoms, are essential during sexual intercourse, even after a vasectomy has been performed.

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