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MSI Australia has a number of vasectomy clinics across Australia, staffed by doctors and nurses who are dedicated specialists in reproductive healthcare.

Our vasectomy clinics have been providing vasectomies to Australian men for over 15 years, and we work to ensure that our facilities, staff and service are consistently exceeding industry clinical quality standards.

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) has developed the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, which are the benchmark of service for the healthcare industry. Each of our MSI Day Hospital clinics is fully accredited against this
service standard.

Additionally, our MSI Day Hospital clinics were recently awarded with 7 ‘Met with Merit’ ratings by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

You can read more about these standards and how our vasectomy clinics perform against industry benchmarks on the MSI Australia website. 

If you are looking for a vasectomy clinic that is eligible for private hospital insurance claiming, many of our facilities are licensed for this purpose. Use the links below to find out if your preferred locations is eligible for private health insurance claims.

vasectomy near me
Vasectomy Clinic Locations

Vasectomy appointments are available at the following MSI Australia clinic locations. Select a clinic from the list below to find out more, including which vasectomy clinics are eligible for private hospital insurance claiming.

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