Vasectomy reversal: can I get my vasectomy reversed? FAQs, Reversal

At Marie Stopes we like all of our patients to consider their vasectomy a permanent procedure. While there are reversal services available, it is important not to make the decision to get a vasectomy based on your ability to have it reversed at some point.

If you’re researching the reversibility of vasectomies before having the procedure done, it is probably a sign that you might not be ready to have one. We encourage all patients to view a vasectomy as a permanent sterilisation procedure.

Vasectomy reversal is not guaranteed

Between 3-6% of men will elect to have a reversal, usually due to a divorce and remarriage, or the unexpected loss of a child. A recent study by Cornell University concluded that reversal before 15 years can have a pregnancy rate averaging 84% (as opposed to 90% for men who have never had a vasectomy). However if it has been more than 15 years since the vasectomy was performed the pregnancy rate drops to 44%. The post 15 year reversal success rate is similar to the success rate of IVF (an alternative to vasectomy reversal).

Despite these promising statistics it is worth noting that the reversal process is a much more complicated procedure than the vasectomy itself. As such it is significantly more expensive and is not typically covered by health insurance.

We do not offer vasectomy reversals.

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