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Safe and Effective Vasectomy Services in Bowen Hills, QLD

20 years of vasectomy experience in Australia

MSI No Scalpel Open Ended Vasectomy Technique

IV Sedation or Local Anaesthetic available

Minimal or no Gap with Private Health Insurance

Bulk Billing for all post vasectomy sperm tests. (most providers charge $70-$80)

save $230 offer

Take Control of Your Future Sooner With a Lower Upfront Cost

Considering a vasectomy in Bowen Hills? At MSI Vasectomy Bowen Hills, our expert vasectomy doctors perform the procedure using the advanced ‘MSI No Scalpel Open Ended’ technique, renowned for its lower infection rates and effective outcomes. Whether you’re looking to avoid future pregnancies or have completed your family, our vasectomy services offer a safe and reliable solution.

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy stands as the only permanent method of contraception, involving a minor surgical procedure to sever the vas deferens. This ensures sperm cannot reach the seminal fluid, effectively preventing pregnancy, making a vasectomy the most effective form of permanent contraception.

vasectomy bowen hills
vasectomy bowen hills

Our vasectomy services in Bowen Hills

At MSI Vasectomy, we exclusively use the ‘MSI No Scalpel Open Ended technique’, known for its lower infection rates. Patients also have the option of IV sedation or local anaesthetic, catering to individual comfort levels.

Open ended vasectomy

At MSI Vasectomy we only perform the open-ended vasectomy method, where the lower end of the vas deferens remains unsealed, allowing sperm to be naturally absorbed by the body. This significantly reduces post-procedure complications.

No scalpel vasectomy

The no scalpel vasectomy technique, a significant advancement over traditional methods, requires no scalpel incisions or stitches. Instead, a tiny puncture is made using specially designed forceps, enhancing safety and reducing infection risks.

Anaesthetic options

MSI Vasectomy in Bowen Hills offers both IV sedation and local anaesthesia. Our painless anaesthetic delivery technique* ensures most patients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Our vasectomy doctors will discuss the details of each option, helping you make an informed choice.

*Our needle-free painless anaesthetic delivery technique is so effective that numerous patients report little to no discomfort during administration.

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Having a vasectomy in Bowen Hills

All of our vasectomies in Bowen Hills are carried out at the MSI Day Hospital. A vasectomy here includes:


The MSI No Scalpel Open Ended Vasectomy Technique uses an inert permanent suture rather than a metal clip (which can fall off) or a dissolving suture (which can cause inflammation). We also use Bupivacaine local anaesthetic which has a longer duration of action and may protect from chronic post operative pain.

10x less side effects than traditional methods
10x less chance of failure than traditional methods
Permanent nylon suture
Longer pain relief after surgery (4-5hrs)
No metal clips that can fall off

How much does a Bowen Hills vasectomy cost?

Our services at MSI Vasectomy Bowen Hills are covered by private hospital insurance, with prices starting from $690 for those without private health insurance but with a Medicare card. For those with hospital cover, eligibility for vasectomy is usually confirmed by the hospital shortly before the scheduled procedure. Item number 37623 can be quoted to your health fund for more information.

Why choose MSI for your Bowen Hills
vasectomy procedure?

Choosing MSI Vasectomy means opting for the latest and safest ‘MSI No Scalpel Open Ended technique’. We are proud to use TGA-approved technologies and provide unparalleled support from our specialised team, ensuring top-tier care throughout your journey with us.

Our 4 key points of difference compared to other vasectomy providers are:

  • Being Australia’s largest not for profit national vasectomy provider
  • Utilising the superior ‘MSI No Scalpel Open Ended’ technique
  • Offering competitive vasectomy prices with minimal or no gap payment for those with private health insurance, and affordable options for Medicare cardholders
  • Providing both IV sedation and local anaesthesia options

Meet Dr Justin Low

National Director of Vasectomy Services

Justin’s current role is National Director of Vasectomy Services at MSI Vasectomy Australia which involves education, training and maintaining vasectomy surgical standards across the country.

Justin received his medical degree from the University of Sydney in 1987, completed the RACGP Family Medicine Program (FMP) in 1991 and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 1993.

Learn more about all of our MSI Vasectomy doctors

Dr Justin Low
dr justin low

Where to get a vasectomy in Bowen Hills

All of our vasectomies in Bowen Hills are carried out at the MSI Day Hospital – 8 Campbell St, Bowen Hills QLD 4006.


How to book a vasectomy in Bowen Hills

If you’d like to contact us to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have, you can fill out our online contact form.

Or if you’re ready to book your vasectomy with us at MSI Australia you can fill out our online booking form.


If you have any more questions about a vasectomy in Bowen Hills please don’t hesitate to contact us today. In the meantime please find below our most frequently asked questions about vasectomies.

Yes, you will still ejaculate after undergoing a vasectomy. This surgical procedure does not affect the production of seminal fluid, which constitutes the majority of ejaculate. The only difference is that the semen will no longer contain sperm, as the vasectomy procedures involve severing or blocking the vas deferens to prevent sperm transport.

Vasectomies are among the most effective surgical procedures for permanent contraception, with a success rate exceeding 99.9%. They work by preventing sperm from entering the ejaculate, thereby significantly reducing the chance of pregnancy. It’s important to note, however, that full effectiveness is not immediate and follow-up tests are required to confirm the absence of sperm.

No, a vasectomy does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The procedure solely prevents the release of sperm during ejaculation but does not affect the transmission of infections. Other protective measures, such as condoms, are still necessary to reduce the risk of STIs.

No, a vasectomy will not affect your sex drive or sexual function. This procedure targets the vas deferens and does not interfere with the hormones that drive sexual desire. Most men report no change in their sexual arousal, erections, orgasms, or overall sexual experience post-vasectomy.

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